Linda Seebauer Hansen

Taking Care of Business

Linda Seebauer Hansen

Photos:  (Left to Right)  Snail in the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC; In the Studio Process Shot;  Exploring Powder Coating; What's on My Bench at Penland, NC..

May 2018 MailChimp announcement:  Full Article . . .

Who Am I?  I am a visual artist and an educator who creates metal sculpture and jewelry.  My portfolio includes three-dimensional objects that appear both real and imaginary either as free standing works or sculpture to wear. I am fascinated by materials, which means I paint and work in a variety of mediums.  

What Is My Business?  I operate all the aspects of an artist’s studio, plus manage a professional teaching career.  I am responsible for a myriad of tasks from making artwork for exhibitions to designing limited production jewelry pieces for shows or galleries, and developing coursework for classes and workshops to collaborating with clients on one-of-a-kind projects.  My day doesn’t end there.  I also administer all the ‘to-do’ details of owning a small business such as generating website content, monitoring revenue streams, and managing events to marketing and communications. 

Why Are You Receiving This Announcement? “You are my audience!”  Somewhere along the way I received your contact information.  More than likely we exchanged business cards or you signed up to receive my artist announcements.     

Personal Note From Linda - I understand that you receive many emails in your inbox, so please feel free to unsubscribe through the link in the footer of the MailChimp message.  If you received duplicates to your personal and business accounts I apologize in advance for the redundancy, so feel free to opt-out keeping intact the email address you would like me to send notices to in the future.

I Appreciate Your Support!  Thank you for letting me share with you what I do.  It is a rapidly moving time we live in and I understand you have a choice with who you follow and what you receive.   My goal is to keep you informed of my studio life, which means as exciting as I am, you only find an e-newsletter from me once every 2 to 4 months.  My announcements include details about upcoming exhibitions, shows or classes, plus feature artworks or recent writings and reviews about what I observe through my sensibilities as an artist.

Let’s stay connected!  Lastly, if you are visual person like me and prefer photos, please follow me on Instagram!  My username:  lindaseebhans.  

Best regards, Linda Seebauer Hansen