Linda Seebauer Hansen


Self - Shadow.JPG

The Artist

Linda Seebauer Hansen creates jewelry, sculpture and paintings. Primarily a metalsmith, Linda is inspired by and embraces the century's old American studio craft notion of appreciating, educating and producing beautiful works through the use of traditional techniques and materials.   

Her work unites imagination and creativity. Linda draws from her resourceful and curious nature similar to that of a scientist or architect - assessing technical processes, incorporating compositional or structural details, and observing formal elements.  By refining a surface, shape, line, texture or series of layers she creates balance and purpose.  Her creative process also leaves room to react and spontaneously sculpt or strengthen the uniqueness of a form.  Being open to these moments or aware of the place in-between knowing and making allows her to focus on works that relate to self, the wearer or the unfolding of a creative approach.

Linda is a contemporary fine artist, who employs a variety of mediums and materials. Painting provides her hands with a rich platform to explore and capture the qualities that define her sensibilities in abstract works. Together her palette and objects become hybrids which she describes as supports or environments in intimate surroundings.  By rooting herself in the personal, Linda integrates two-dimensional and three-dimensional ornamentation as object and ground transform to highlight the significance of a piece.