ART JEWELRY  I am a contemporary metalsmith, studio jeweler, and academic, who works in the field of craft and art jewelry.  I am inspired by and embrace the century’s old American studio craft notion of appreciating, educating, and producing beautiful Color Brooch #3 detail Studioworks through the use of traditional techniques and materials.  My work focuses on quality construction paired with subtle design elements.  I use sterling silver, copper, and bronze in combination with non-precious materials or gemstones.  In my work, one will find the conventional metal working techniques of roll printing, etching, engraving, stone setting, hollow construction, and forming alongside innovative concepts and unusual applications.  One of the ways I present my artistic voice and individuality is by incorporating a variety of textures to create interesting surfaces on metal.  I strive to showcase these elements in surprising ways creating neck pieces, earrings, brooches and bracelets.  I am influenced by patterns, shapes, found objects, yoga poses, and the interaction between the body and mind in relationship to a wearable object.

SCULPTURE  The pieces I am working on are metal constructed vessels in painted, contextual surroundings.  The surfaces consist of color and elements applied in layers.  I thrive on creating composition, mixed palette, rhythm and balance.  I use marks, patterns and hues on metal and wood cradle boards to represent a language.  As one form relates to the next, each work lends itself to a themed story line and vocabulary emerging from memories, my rural up-bringing, human activities and maternal values.  By focusing on the abstract style my artwork becomes colors, lines, shapes, textures and movements depicting my perspective, but also inviting the viewer to speculate and provide their own visual or expressive experiences.

PAINTING  I think of my paintings as metaphors and inspirations of moments.  Each work often consists of several layers of oil paint and wax medium, which enable me to blend hues, scratch through to an under-color and alter the surface.  During the painting process, I first capture my influences and reflections through words and phrases on notecards.  I use my imagination, memories, visual clues and free-hand marks to challenge myself and create a personal visual language.   I see my paintings as an agent giving voice to familial and political truths that touch individuals on a daily basis.